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    Changing Tides


    Hi, I’m Amy

    At the end of 2017, I learned that my 17-year career with a large department store retailer - 10 of which was in purchasing and merchandising jewelry - was ending. Jewelry and retail was all I knew and I felt adrift.

    I did what I have always done in times of contemplation; I turned to the beach to seek solace and inspiration. I also continued to channel my creativity by constructing, stacking, and imagining my own favorite jewelry pieces. It was after this time of reflection and a lot of encouragement that I decided to turn my two passions for jewelry and the sea into my own unique brand.



    It started as a simple concept:

    Choose great jewelry that I would want to purchase and wear myself.

    I leveraged my years of knowledge from the retail jewelry business and combined that with research and asking a lot of questions about what I didn’t know to bring Seaside Sparkle to life.   I believe that the best way to learn is by doing and this has been a labor of love and a few salty tears.

    Like many endeavors, I couldn’t do it without help from family and friends. From tech support to photography, I have hand selected only the best to work with me to make the Seaside Sparkle dream a reality.


    It’s more than just jewelry;

    It’s a wearable lifestyle.


    Seaside Sparkle has been a project rooted in my passion for the beachy lifestyle. It’s not about selecting all tropical themed jewelry but rather pieces that represent a coastal culture. It could be the special cobalt hue of a stone, the particular way a chain glitters in the sun, or even the sea salt scrub finish on a piece of glass. This passion and attention to detail is what makes Seaside Sparkle so unique and enables me to bring you an ocean of exclusive, delightful, sparkling options.


    Giving Back

    Giving back is a core belief of Seaside Sparkle. Constantly inspired by the sea, we strive to give back to it since it has given us so much. A portion of every purchase will be donated to ocean causes. When you purchase from Seaside Sparkle, you are ensuring the health and longevity of the oceans and the creatures that live there. We are so grateful for the support of our customers that allows us to give back to the sea!



     What’s on the Horizon?

    Every single item at Seaside Sparkle is personally selected.  The assortment will evolve with emerging inspirational and exciting trends, as well as expand with the tastes of my customers – you! Seaside Sparkle will always remain a lifestyle brand, where design and style come first.



    Please be sure to drop me a line at to let me know about something you’d like to see, with any questions you have, or just to say hi.